Sandwich of the Week at Small Kitchen College

Writing tip to at least THINK about: It’s easy to write about things you are interested in but difficult to write about things you’re obsessed with. Because your brain just says to you “IT’S GREAT! IT’S JUST THE GREATEST THING THERE EVER WAS! I DON’T COMPREHEND ANY OTHER VIEWPOINTS!!!!”

But that is not interesting for people to read and is also not persuasive if you want people to go out and partake in this media and/or sandwich with which you’re obsessed. So I mean for you to think about this because you may be a just-starting-out blogger writing about stuff you’re interested in (obviously), but gushing is no good and is an easy habit to fall into. People don’t ALREADY think you’re interesting, you gotta make some points.

I am obsessed with this sandwich. It was very difficult for me to write this post without saying “YOU JUST DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW GOOD THIS SANDWICH IS!!!” Are people just supposed to take me at my word? How will they know whether to believe me or not? USE FONT TRICKS AND WHAT NOT??? You see, I must establish myself as a trustworthy narrator.

Sandwich of the Week: Wholly Cannoli at Small Kitchen College

Looking back at this post, I thought I made a mistake when I put that it only costs $6.75. SCARCELY more than a $5 footlong and even comes with chips, I mean COME ON, you think Subway is a viable option but it’s just not. You can trust my narration of that information because I cite my source to Wholly Cannoli’s website.

Roasted Herb Chicken Focaccia Sandwich: Pesto mayo, sundried tomatos, red onions, fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinaigrette on the best focaccia bread you have ever laid your sorry-up-until-this-moment-of-your-life eyes on.

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