Supper Club: Burrito Casserole at Small Kitchen College

I like to mix all my food together into delicious slop, as I spoke about in one of my very first posts: Sloshing. The concept is also present in my post about homefries in the bonus recipe for Jen’s Super Awesome Breakfast where the instructions state “STIR. LICK FORK.”

It’s rather embarrassing for one to go back and view old pieces of their own creative output, especially when it’s up on the internet just as equal as any other more current piece of their own creative output or a lolcat or some other such thing. But it was the truth at one time, so it’s still the truth now, and honesty is worth something to me and some other people, who are few in number when it really REALLY comes down to it. I believe in this so much that I hardly untag any photos on facebook, can you believe that??? Saintly. Right here.

Supper Club: Burrito Casserole

I have basically this whole damn thing sitting in the freezer still. It’s called “supper club” cause you make it for a crowd but I didn’t have a crowd on hand, so… It’s basically just a whole Mexican meal stirred together between two layers of tortillas with melted cheese on top.

I think for real it would be pleasing to a crowd, also cheap. If you cook together with your roommates and you can all agree to like or not like peppers, onions, etc. it is very practical. The recipe is very adaptable as well, so you can feel MORE than free to like or not like peppers and onions.


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