Slow Cooker Pulled Pork at Small Kitchen College

Even though not EVERYONE loves pulled pork, it satisfies me to pretend that EVERYONE loves pulled pork, even though what difference should it make to me? I guess it’s kind of like when people want you to believe in their religion and that kind of thing. You dudes catchin’ these primaries? Just wondering.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork at Small Kitchen College

I talk a little bit about what pulled pork actually “is” in the post, but I had a few more photos to share because I feel like it really is kind of a mysterious ordeal. It’s a hunk of pig’s shoulder, that’s the secret. Big fatty meat. Called pork shoulder or “pork butt” but not actually the butt part. You would buy it at the store like this:

I’ve honestly only ever gotten it at a specialty butcher place (Fairway Beef yeahhh) so I’m not sure how common it is at major supermarkets. Try smaller places where the butcher counter is like, a big deal. But don’t be afraid to ask the butcher at Stop and Shop. Or just text him/her for jeezus sake. Remind yourself every day not to be afraid to say words. Out loud into the surrounding air.

Then you put the that in the that:

This is a 7.5lb piece-o-meat and a larger than usual slow cooker, and it fits pretty snugly, so keep that in mind. Most recipes will call for 6-8lb or 8-10lb. If you wanna do a huge one, probably go for the oven.

In the past, I’ve had bad luck with oven recipes, the temp. they give is just tooooo low for the hours they give. So my advice… Cook it at 300F for 8 hours or so. Check on it. Pour your vinegar sauce on it so it doesn’t get dry. I’ve tried at 225F and 250F and it just NEVER gets done for me. Like never. So they should say 225F for 15 hours or something. But they don’t. Anyway, pulled pork is done when you can pull it, that’s all there is to it!

Another note is to put the side with the most fat UP so the fat can drip down over the rest of the meat instead of just making a layer of goo at the bottom of the crockpot/pan.

All that equals all this all shredded up and ready for forkin’!

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