Potato Skin Secret

Caramelized onions. Chives are “OKAY,” but caramelized onions are really the most valuable member of the onion family that you’d ever want on your potato skin perfect party snack. For the Superbowl, I guess. That might make you marginally more interested in reading this. Northeastern friends. Yeah, I know who’s in the Superbowl (New England Patriots and NY Giants) (Both from the northeastern part of this country).

Photos taken by Mike Cantin on his NEW FOR CHRISTMAS Galaxy Nexus!!!!

What are caramelized onions? Onions that sit in the frying pan for a very long time over low heat so they get soft and their sweetness intensifies (caramelizes). They become a dark caramel color. They are my favorite topping. Pizza, sandwiches and burgers should all be topped with this substance.

How do I (personally) caramelize onions? I put some oil in a pan, I chop 5 or so onions and put them in the pan, I turn the heat to about 2 or 3, then I move on with my life as if I were not caramelizing onions. I stir them whenever I get up to do other things. In about how long are they done? I always do a bunch so in at least an hour. This is the most reliable method cause eventually they’ll be brown and soft and sweet.

How does one caramelize onions quickly? Understandably, you may not have the patience for the above task and maybe don’t plan ahead with your sandwich toppings like I do. That would not be uncommon. To speed it up, Lifehacker suggests sugar in the pan, a tiny bit of baking soda, and a higher temp plus water to keep them moist. The Kitchn suggests going high heat and NO liquid for 5 mins, then oil and salt for another 5 mins to soften. You can try these tricks. I haven’t yet, so I don’t have a testimonial.

Back to potato skins. How does one make them to begin with? I used Simple Comfort Food‘s recipe for loaded potato skins as a potato skin template.

Potato Skin Template
(adapted from Simple Comfort Food)
8 medium russet potatoes, scrubbed clean
Vegetable oil
Desired toppings*
*What’s that? You obviously desire bacon and cheese? For 8 potatoes use an 8oz block of cheese, sliced or shredded; and 8-10 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled

Brush potatoes with oil and bake at 400F for about an hour or until you can squish ’em a little. Once cool, slice potatoes in half the long way and hollow out the middles leaving a thin layer of potato (save the middles for mashed potatoes). Brush some oil on the inside of the potatoes, and a little more on the outside if you wanna. Broil for 8-10 minutes until crispy and somewhat golden. Add fillings and broil for 3-4 more minutes til your cheese is melted.

So that recipe goes for anything you want to put on a potato skin BUT these beautiful puppies use the listed amount of bacon and cheese, specifically Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar, the best cheddar of which I know, as well as about 1 cup of caramelized onions, which is about 4 cups of chopped onion caramelized, about 3 medium onions.

The onions just add an AMAZING sweetness to this already ALMOST perfect combination of snacking indulgence. Don’t bring a bag of Doritos, you losers. Come on.

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  1. joyce rossignol says:

    Loved this one. Perfect for a family of two.

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