Pizza4dayz (is a great aim screenname)

Or Pizza4eva is probably better…

Do you like to try all the pizzas??? If so, you should consider baking one full pizza with NO toppings on it, cutting it into slices, then freezing them. THEN, as your life continues on, you’ll feel like all different kinds of pizza and you’ll be able to make all the different kinds on different days based on what you have in your fridge.

Like if you like ALL the pizzas, not just sometimes cheese, sometimes pepperoni.

BBQ chicken pizza with scallions and cheddar (above); SWEET breakfast pizza with cream cheese, strawberry jam and fried egg; AWESOME flavor breakfast pizza with asiago, caramelized onion and fried egg; breakfast SANDWICH breakfast pizza with bacon, cheddar and fried egg; Italian restaurant appetizer pizza with just the crust dipped in olive oil… And… I think those are all the ones I literally made myself. As you can see, I go through a carton of eggs roughly every 12 days.

Also, please remember that you can slice and freeze a pizza you baked with toppings that’ll defrost in the microwave in less than a minute and crisp up real nice in the oven/toaster oven in a couple minutes.

Authorized opinions on different pizza dough types: 

  • Pre-cooked kind like Boboli: I’ve honestly never tried this stuff, but it’s because I do not even consider it pizza dough. I’m sorry. Some people like it, but I honestly don’t think you’re saving yourself that much time over Pillsbury roll-em-out. To me it just looks like the Lunchables pizza thing.
  • Pillsbury in a can: Pretty decent, actually. Certainly nothing special but gets pretty crispy, and it’s very easy to use since you don’t have to worry about it not stretching out. Definitely a solid beginners choice.
  • Fresh ball of dough from any supermarket: Real deal stuff! I have found, though, that no matter how long you leave that stupid thing out on the counter, it NEVER stays stretched! So this is frustrating and you might end up with a very uneven thick&thin pizza, but still is like real restaurant dough. About $1.50-$2.50 per dough ball, which I think is not bad.
  • Fresh ball of dough from pizza restaurant: I don’t know how many places do this, either by listing it on the menu or giving you (not for free) a ball of dough to take home if you ask. But obviously if you like their crust this is super great! Probs ask for recommendations on how to cook, too, since brick ovens and what not are insanely hot.
  • Making your own from scratch: The food world is uh-BUZZ about Jim Lahey’s no-knead pizza dough, publicly available for awhile but recently featured in Bon Appetit. As I can personally attest, “nailed it.” STIR yeast, flour and water; let it sit sit sit; so easy to stretch, flavorful, tiny bubbly, crispy. Just ask Adam Linder, singer/songwriter/guitarist of the indie-punk band Sister City, I make this a TON.

Plan ahead! Pizza4dayz (that are scattered throughout the month)!

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