Five Ingredient Feast: Chicken Cordon Bleu at SKC

People fall off the face of the damn earth of blogging all the time. No one thinks they will, but 99% of them do, at least temporarily. That’s why “blogging” still feels like a silly word cause there’s so many halfhearts in the biz. That and the way it sounds out loud.

And furthermore that it’s kind of like Instagram in that we all feel like we’re super awesome professional writers and photographers just cause whatever quality stuff we produce shows up all official after Instagram puts the filter on and WordPress gives us a URL and everything.

I tell myself at least I have a semi-excuse for my earth-falling-off-of having farmed my own whatever quality stuff out to Small Kitchen College on a weekly basis. I’ve been farming. Locally. Organically. Sustainably. That should be a suitable excuse for anything. Anyway, so here’s some retroactive information that I’ll be giving you for an undetermined period of time:

Easy and peasy, chicken cordon bleu (chicken with ham, cheese and maybe mustard) is actually American, not French! Wouldn’t you know their words turn up in our random chicken preparations just as they do in our language!

That’s kinda the only notable thing here besides the recipe. Not as common a dish as I personally would think it would be, but the human condition is a matter of utmost curiosity. Great for picky eaters, no veggies allowed! Boneless, skinless chicken breast, the usual stuff.

Five Ingredient Feast: Chicken Cordon Bleu at Small Kitchen College


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