You’re Invited: A Candyland Valentine’s Day at SKC

I was honestly just gonna go on talking about this post not even realizing it was for Valentine’s Day. The rest of the food internet kind of (overbearingly) has “seasonal” stuff covered, which makes me feel kind of futile in writing holiday or season stuff.

But here the holiday is merely circumstantial, I mean it’s really about candy.

Homemade candy is fun and interesting to make because it’s like baking, but it’s not your typical fare because you can’t find box mixes in the baking aisle. You can find ready-made candy at the store because that is a huge industry, and that is what candy is. But it’s cool to get a gourmet product with a non-gourmet flavor/idea (peanut butter cups, gumdrops etc.). It’s cool, like, socially, I’m sure.

Candyland is also a fun party idea that I happened to think of, only in part due to Katy Perry’s gross boobs and stupid eyeballs, for any time of year.

You’re Invited: A Candyland Valentine’s Day at Small Kitchen College

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