In Season: Plantains at SKC

Luckily, plantains are ALWAYS in season (in warm parts of the world or not at all) so it doesn’t matter that this post is old! That’s the secret trick I played on the term “in season.”

Plantains take precisely forever and one day to ripen. So that’s kind of convenient cause there’s no rush but also annoying cause you have to plan to crave plantains two weeks from now or so.

Like a banana but larger and starchier and needing to be cooked most times, plantains are sweet and delicious when fried and are just a good back-pocket piece of produce to look forward to every now and again.

Also, there’s tons of crazy stuff sitting on the Latin foods cart type thing at major supermarkets (esp. areas with a large Hispanic population) that most of us have never seen before! I’m not even gonna try and remember and name some but just pay attention to that the next time you go. It’s interesting. Oh, one is jicama, a weird turnip type thing!

In Season: Plantains at Small Kitchen College

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