College Town Tours: Best of Worcester at SKC

Guys, it’s important to like, love or appreciate the city/town you’re in. Or at least curtail your bitching about it. I don’t care where it is. Small towns get the rap of “boring” and any city at all that’ll rent ya for under $1000/month within its bounds is where you WILL get mugged or PROBABLY WORSE.

And just so you know that is any urban environment. Because every city has parts for rich folks who don’t need crime besides the white collar variety and parts for poor folks who can’t afford nice places and might feel obligated to steal and/or kill people over turf cause it’s all they have.

Even 17-year-old @MikeCantin1 knows. “When people say there’s nothing to do in Wethersfield do they assume every other town is some sort of fun wonderland?” They do and they will never stop assuming this.

Please view my College Town Tours: Best of Worcester at Small Kitchen College to see all the cool and fun things nestled in Worcester, Massachusetts. People live here. I don’t live here anymore, but when I did people lived here for non-collegiate purposes and they still do. Please be respectful.

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