How to: Evolve Your Egg Sandwich at SKC/HuffPo

As you may or may not know, Small Kitchen College has a prettttty sweet deal with Huffington Post where Huffington Post reposts an SKC post every week. On SKC’s end, whatever post had the most hits for the week gets sent over to HuffPo, so it’s a very democratic process, which is good. Not that they’d subjectively pick their favorite or something. But yeah.

So far I’ve landed on top twice, once for my pulled pork post and once for this one. The pulled pork sandwich you see right there I did not make or photograph. Cara and Phoebe are excellent and well-practiced food photographers who have a large archive of dishes and images that they tack on to your posts if they already have a photo of a similar dish. That’s what happened here.

I did take the photo of these eggs, but it was actually with a borrowed DSLR camera as opposed to my own point-and-shoot camera. And that photo looks good. Not sure where I land on the “you can take great photos with normal cameras” belief, but just toss this photo into the pile of specimen. A nicer camera made it much easier for me, a very amateur photographer, to take this picture with it’s zoom and focus and all what not words that I barely even know.

Second point: The photo sells the post. Although I clearly cannot prove causation, we see that both of my posts that out-clicked-on everyone else’s had just plain pretty looking photos with them.

This is a pretty obvious observation, but I always wonder to what extent do the photos matter? 100% photo, 0% writing? 75 photo, 25 writing? 50/50? Just kinda sad is all. Patience of our readers slipping away.

Anyway, this post leads in with Pokemon, a trend relevant to college students at this moment cause they were the right age at the right time, but not too relevant to everyone else, so when it was on Huffington Post I was like “oh.” Cause I felt like a lot of other people would be like “oh(?).”

How to: Evolve Your Egg Sandwich at HUFFINGTON POST


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