Fine Dining for Fools, by Fools: Charcuterie

Practice it. Know it. Believe it. It’s becoming more and more popular. What is it? A wooden cutting board with meat on it. I repeat, A WOODEN CUTTING BOARD WITH MEAT ON IT. Sharkooterie.

You get a sampling of thinly sliced cured meats, usually pork of Italian or Spanish origin, with some accompaniments such as olives, pickles, peppers or bread. You pick your own single meat, an array of meats or choose an array that the menu already decided went well together. You eat it before the meal. You share it. You get your day’s worth of sodium in a culturally-accepted manner.

Places that have charcuterie boards on the menu will also often have a cheese menu. Same deal but on the side you get a honeycomb, fig jam or other jam/berries and it sometimes comes on not a wooden cutting board. Sometimes it does. Cheese and crackers, friends. That’s all we’re after.

This post was brought to you as part of the “Fine Dining for Fools, by Fools” series, where this middle class foodie fool translates usually French words common in high end restaurants for you fools to feel smart at your next upscale event you’re invited to or special occasion.

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2 Responses to Fine Dining for Fools, by Fools: Charcuterie

  1. Nan Glass says:

    Very clever, translating French (i.s., fancy) menu items into plain American.

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