Fine Dining for Fools, by Fools: Foie Gras

Back in fashion of late, they will put this stuff on ev-er-y-thing. Foie=liver. Gras=fat (meaning large). Duck=implied. Well, technically, the true French stuff comes from geese, not ducks, which are technically different, but imma go ahead and say ducks because grand frere ne voit pas! Check that out… But lots of people do use duck for real.

I have never had foie gras, meaning I have never paid $10 extra dollars for them to put it on top of my burger or whatever. Since it’s such a delicacy it’s usually not a full meal or would be a small one if you served it with some sort of vegetable side.

It’s supposed to taste rich and buttery (hence the photo) and wonderful kind of like how bacon tastes plain old amazing and everyone is obsessed with it. But you can get bacon added to your burger for $1.75. But it’s the same idea. It just tastes good, I guess universally.

…but does it taste so good for the duck??? NOT QUITE!

Foie gras is controversial because you have to force feed the duck to make its liver so fat and large. Some people ain’t for that even though ducks in their natural habitat are kind of funny. Like if you picture a duck sitting in some guy’s lap squirming its neck around and quacking like mad trying to escape another bite of Wonder Bread.

But no, it’s a serious issue. It’s obviously done in a horrifying way just like all other meat production. I personally have no opinion cause I don’t eat it (foie gras) and more immediate issues are right in my face like how do homeless people get homeless? Downtown Philly. True talk.

This post was brought to you as part of the “Fine Dining for Fools, by Fools” series, where this middle class foodie fool translates usually French words common in high end restaurants for you fools to feel smart at your next upscale event you’re invited to or special occasion.

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