Tip of the Day: The “Tupperware Shake”

Do these cookies in the background in the mixer right there have cocoa powder in them? No, silly!  But it’s a new thing I thought of and consider pretty ingenious without much reason, perhaps.

So you know how everyone hates doing dishes especially people like me who have no dishwasher? Yeah. You know how every cookie recipe is like “in a separate bowl, whisk together dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking powder/soda, cocoa powder, spices)? Maybe you do, maybe you’re not a cookie fiend. Well EFF THAT, right?

When you finish up a convenient plastic container of cocoa powder, wash the remains out and put all your dry ingredients in THERE instead, then instead of stirring, just pop the cover on and shake it up! A much more thorough mix, then you don’t even have to bother washing it since the only thing you’re ever gonna use it for is the same exact dry ingredients! That’s two ways in which this method is better than “in a separate bowl.”

But wash it every now and then obviously. Or just use a regular tupperware container. Like a larger one maybe. That’s my tip of the day to make your life .01% easier.

The “tupperware shake” method also works for tempering egg yolks when making custards, which is when you add egg yolks to a warm milk mixture slowly so the egg doesn’t cook to quickly and make scrambled eggs. Whisk the eggs in a tupperware container instead of a bowl, then add a little bit of milk at the time, putting the lid on and shaking between each addition. Again, a much more thorough mix that for me left NO scrambled bits compared to my usual LOTS. You get the same amount of dishes instead of one less, but still.

So .02% easier, that is where I leave you this morning. Thank  you.

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