Fine Dining for Fools, by Fools: Pâté

So, they grind up meat and fat and put it back together again. Some countries bake it into a pie, some make it just like a chunk (like liverwurst, which is a type of pâté) and some make it spreadable. Truly a fancy feast!

But wait, I thought processed meats and processed anything was bad. No, you’re wrong. Not when it was invented abroad; that’s how fine dining works. I mean yes, hot dogs and processed lunch meats have “fillers” in them and lots of salt, whereas this stuff is mostly “real”(?) meat, but my point is that there’s probably a finer line than some food enthusiasts may admit to themselves in the mirror each night before bed.

Sometimes foie gras is made into pâté. Pâté itself is not really as popular right now but I include it because I always get the two mixed up for no reason. You and I can both remember the difference by how Mrs. Barton taught us that words with the carrot (circumflex) over the “a” mean that an “s” used to follow it centuries ago when language was different. That makes this word “paste,” which is what it is.

What does pâté taste like? Well, I have another great photo for your courtesy of! For the record, this came up on Google, I did not independently seek information on


Another hilarious piece of evidence is this study in which only 3 out of 18 people could distinguish DOG FOOD from a selection of meat pastes. And so the photo, though of course who wants two mewing kitties mewing around when you take a million pictures of their beloved wet food sitting on a plate? So I left it in the cans as a courtesy.

Other sources only say pâté tastes like liver. That’s all I got!

This post was brought to you as part of the “Fine Dining for Fools, by Fools” series, where this middle class foodie fool translates usually French words common in high end restaurants for you fools to feel smart at your next upscale event you’re invited to or special occasion.


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