Why are red peppers more expensive than green?

This is a green bell pepper on a red cutting board because I’ve wanted to play a trick on colorblind people for years and this is finally my chance to shine. We’re talkin’ bucket list level stuff, here.


This is a green bell pepper in my home because I bought it instead of a red pepper because red peppers are always more expensive so if you’re only using a little bit then what’s the diff, ya know?

To answer everyone’s question including my own just there ^ green, yellow/orange and red bell peppers are all the same brothers and sisters!  Green peppers are the younger siblings of yellow and yellow the younger siblings of red. Quite literally, they are all exactly the same and can even have come from the same exact plant but red ones are ripest (“oldest”) so they’re the sweetest. 

This fact makes red more expensive cause it takes more time to grow them and time=money, again, quite literally here.

Bell peppers in general are the wide fatties that aren’t spicy at all, not even a little bit (to most palates).

What we have learned in the last paragraphs is:

  • Green are slightly more bitter
  • Yellow/orange (less common in stores) are in the middle
  • Red are sweetest.
  • Green are ALWAYS cheaper.

When should you bother with red? When the pepper in the dish is a big deal, probably. Which you can tell by if it’s wearing one of those shirts that says “I’m kind of a big deal.”


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