About “This”

Much to the dismay of unsuspecting Googlers who happen across my site, this blog is not dedicated solely to deep fried food items. It is not called Deep Fried Food Items, after all, which apparently is not obvious to them even though it’s clearly NOT called Deep Fried Food Items…

I have several different food opinions that I consider important to myself and the spirit of the site. Although I could say I try to make cooking “fast” and “easy,” these words have been beaten down by the food internet into unrecognizable form and don’t mean very much of anything anymore. How can I express to you that it really will be different this time? Other people mean it, but I really, REALLY mean it.

One way that this time is different is that I take a more psychological and/or sociological perspective in sharing my knowledge. Why are people afraid to try new things? What is it like when people around me are having an in-depth conversation about something I know nothing about? I feel you, bro.

Less with the recipes and more with the empathy, I guess is what I hope to convey, especially considering that “recipe” and “empathy” sound alike. Questions, comments, let ’em fly!

Wahoo these cinnamon buns are AMAZING!!!


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